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Discover how Essential E-Commerce for Elementor transforms your online store. The selected range of 10 specialized widgets fills crucial gaps in the Elementor + WooCommerce ecosystem, offering powerful, niche solutions where they matter most. Dive deeper into how these widgets, like the unique Product Table, can redefine your e-commerce experience.

Consortia, a premium developer and official Woo partner, we’re here to give you an edge and help you stand out from the competition. Whether you’re using Elementor or looking to optimize your store’s capabilities, Consortia has the tools you need to succeed. Trust us to help you make a difference with your online store.

Elevate Your E-Commerce Craftsmanship

Discover Essential E-Commerce for Elementor, where trust meets innovation. As a proud Woo partner since 2019 and with a stellar 4.8/5 rating for our plugins and support, we’re committed to filling the gaps in Elementor’s e-commerce capabilities. Our widgets are not just tools; they’re solutions crafted out of necessity and a deep understanding of what modern online stores need. Join us in elevating your WooCommerce store with a plugin that’s backed by experience, excellence, and a community trust.

With its collection of dynamic widgets and customization options, Essential E-Commerce for Elementor gives you the ability to manage and design your WooCommerce store more effectively than before. Your vision can be realized by customizing the gaps in the Elementor + WooCommerce ecosystem, ranging from interactive category grids to flexible product tables. Essential E-Commerce is a complete toolkit created for effectiveness, engagement, and expansion rather than just a plugin.

*Crafted for: Skilled to Professional Users.

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This popular WooCommerce plugin by Consortia, Bulk Table Editor, revolutionizes your product management. Effortlessly bulk edit products, handle variations, and now, create strategic product relationships as upsells and cross-sells. Utilize the familiar table interface to modify values like stock, prices, SKU, tags, backorders, and size. Seamlessly set up and manage sales, all while working efficiently on both individual products and large groups. Discover the power of WooCommerce with Bulk Table Editor today.

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Are you tired of guessing your store’s profits and revenue? With Cost & Reports, you can add purchase price, cost, and cost of goods to your products and variations, and calculate new prices based on your desired markup. The table editor allows you to easily update values in bulk, while the price selector gives you multiple options for calculating retail value, value at cost, and profit. Use the included sales reports to gain a deep understanding of your actual profits and income, and download reports as .csv files or export table data for further analysis. Unlock the power of your WooCommerce store with Cost & Reports.

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Discover the next level of order management with Pick List for WooCommerce. This extension is more than just a tool—it’s your partner in ensuring streamlined order fulfillment. Streamline, enhance, and optimize order fulfillment. Print pick lists and packing slips with QR codes, add order shipped status, set priorities, see pick progress, assign handling to employees, and much more. Simplify your order workflow, minimize errors, and keep customers informed. Elevate your order management game with Pick List for WooCommerce.

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Introducing Bulk Category Editor – the ultimate plugin for streamlining your category management! With just a few clicks, you can easily add, update, and delete categories in bulk, and even import and export CSV files for added convenience. The plugin also allows you to set, add, and remove categories on products, and includes a powerful product filter feature with categories, attributes, price range, and search. Improve your customers’ shopping experience and try Bulk Category Editor today!

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Looking for a powerful and flexible solution to manage your B2B or B2C store? Look no further than Roles & Rules B2B for WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can easily set up and manage customer roles, pricing rules, and even dynamic discounts based on specific purchase criteria. Plus, with features like VAT and tax exemptions, private store options, and user capabilities, you can customize the shopping experience for every customer.

Roles & Rules B2B makes it easy to set up storewide sales, hide specific categories, and automatically apply coupons for extra savings. And with its intuitive interface, you can quickly add or update products and pricing rules in bulk.

Try Roles & Rules B2B today and take control of your online store.

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