Property Toggle

Want to toggle your product properties on the product page? Using this widget you can easily add 18+ product properties and as many custom fields you want. Set the toggle to be open or collapsed on page load. Use the handy option to automatically hide both the toggle or values if empty.

The Property Toggle widget is somewhat equal to the Product field widget except here you have the toggle as a parent container for as many properties you want.

For WooCommerce

This widget let you add product fields (properties) like: measurements, name, description, SKU, sale dates (including time if you like), stock statuses (option to label the statuses as you like), categories and much more. If you have added custom statuses, do not worry, the widget supports this by default.

The toggle enables you to add a title, set the expand and collapse icons in addition to set icon position, hide if empty and load expanded or collapsed. 

The widget let you select if you want to have label before or after the product field (property), it also enables you to set the width of both, this way you can have clean layouts if you add many fields on the product page. 

  • Toggle product properties
    • Label / Title
    • Icon position
    • Hide if empty
    • Load expanded or collapsed option
    • Set icon expand
    • Set icon collapse
    • Style font, color, background, padding, border radius and more
  • Enables 18 product fields to add on a product page
    • Name / Title
    • Description
    • Short description 
    • Product ID
    • SKU
    • Sale from date (and time)
    • Sale to date (and time)
    • Stock status
      • Translate / set your statuses
      • Supports custom statuses
    • Stock quantity
    • Height
    • Weight 
    • Length
    • Width
    • Rating
    • Category
      • List categories for current product 
      • Option to set hover color
    • Custom fields
    • Tags
    • Total sales
  • Enables you to add custom product fields 
  • Set your own stock labels
  • Add icons for every product property (optional)
    • Option to use label text as tooltip (hover icon event)
  • Hide if empty option (if no value is found – hide the field and label)
  • Style the labels, values and fonts

Property Toggle - examples