Property Toggle

Enhance your product pages with our Property Toggle widget, a versatile tool designed for easy management of product properties. Capable of handling over 18 standard product properties and any number of custom fields, this widget brings both functionality and organization to your WooCommerce store.

For WooCommerce

Tailor-made for WooCommerce, the Property Toggle widget streamlines the presentation of essential product details. Whether it’s measurements, SKUs, sale dates, stock statuses, or categories, display them efficiently under a customizable toggle. For stores with unique requirements, rest assured that custom statuses are fully supported.

Toggle for Enhanced User Experience: The heart of this widget lies in its toggle feature. Set titles for each toggle section, choose icons for expanding and collapsing, and decide on icon positions. Enhance user navigation with options to load toggles expanded or collapsed and to hide them if empty.

Customizable Layout: Gain full control over the appearance of your product fields. Choose to place labels before or after the properties and adjust the width to ensure a tidy and coherent layout, especially useful when displaying numerous fields on a product page.

  1. Toggle Product Properties:

    • Effortlessly add a toggle feature for product properties on your page.
  2. Customizable Toggle Settings:

    • Set a label or title for each toggle.
    • Choose the position of icons within the toggle.
    • Options to hide the toggle if empty.
    • Load toggles either expanded or collapsed as per your preference.
  3. Icon Customization:

    • Personalize with icons for expand and collapse actions.
  4. Styling Flexibility:

    • Style the toggle’s font, color, background, padding, and border radius.
  5. Extensive Product Fields Integration:

    • Enables over 18 standard product fields on a product page, including Name/Title, Description, Short Description, Product ID, SKU, Sale Dates, Stock Status, Stock Quantity, Height, Weight, Length, Width, Rating, Category, and Tags.
    • Option to translate or set custom statuses.
  6. Hover Color and Custom Field Options:

    • Customize hover color settings.
    • Add custom fields as needed for additional product information.
  7. Advanced Stock and Sales Display:

    • Display total sales figures.
    • Set custom stock labels for clarity and branding.
  8. Icon and Tooltip Integration:

    • Add icons for every product property, enhancing visual appeal.
    • Use label text as a tooltip for an informative hover icon event.
  9. Smart Visibility Control:

    • ‘Hide if empty’ option to maintain a clean product page by hiding fields and labels without values.
  10. Customizable Label and Font Styles:

    • Tailor the style of labels and values to match your store’s design.
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