Product table

Want to list your products in a table? Use it as a bulk order form? The product table widget comes with a wide range of options. Use up to 16 product values including category, sale flashes, discount calculations, add to cart, sorting and much more. Use the query options to get the products you want and style the table to fit your store! 

For WooCommerce

A fully customisable product table widget for WooCommerce. Design your table to fit your store, chose between 16 product values, sale flash including discount calculations, add to cart, sorting, order by dropdown, paging and more.


We have added options to use product table as a bulk order form. Set predefined quantity (e.g. 0) and let your customers shop in bulk, just by clicking add to cart and every row with quantity more than 0 is added. There is also an option to set the Add to cart button in the footer with a quantity counter (optional).

Product queries.

The table has a wide range of use area’s in your shop due to the advanced query options. If you need the product table in archive pages you use the current query option. If you like to create pages where you want to show a selection of products e.g. all products on sale – you just select the on sale option and so on. It supports to include or exclude categories and tags, you can even pick single products to show in a table.

We even added star rating as an option to use in the table. The table comes with sorting and paging and will work good even on mobile views.

  • Customisable product table 
    • Colours, borders, stripes and more to design the table as you like
  • Dynamic content options based on the selected product field 
  • 16 column types including sorting and add to cart
    • Styling and alignment for every column
  • Star rating for product (option to use it in columns for Name and Description)
    • Options to style as you like
  • Sale flash including discount (optional) to use in price and image column
    • Flexible placement of the flash
    • Discount in percent or value
  • Sorting (option to set/translate labels)
  • Paging (above and below table)
    • Style options
  • Add to cart includes options to style, change icon and hide quantity selector 
    • Style options
    • Stacked layout or horizontal 
    • Options for quantity buttons and input
    • Predefined quantity option
    • Use as bulk order form
    • Use bulk add to cart in footer with optional quantity counter
  • Advanced query options:
    • Current query
      • Example use: on shop page, search results pages, archives and the like 
    • Select categories to include or exclude
    • Select tags to include or exclude
    • Select single products
      • Select only sales items 
    • Related products (product page)
    • Upsells (product page)
  • Responsive table layout 

Product table - examples

Product table used as a bulk order form - Add to cart in footer with quantity counter
Product table used as a bulk order form