Countdown Widget

Elevate your product pages with our Countdown widget, a dynamic tool designed to create urgency and encourage prompt purchasing decisions. Perfect for highlighting time-sensitive sales, this ticking timer draws customer attention directly to special offers and limited-time deals.


In the world of e-commerce, effective sales triggers are invaluable. The Countdown widget serves as a compelling visual cue, indicating when sale prices will end on product pages. It's not just limited to products; set up the countdown to mark any significant event, like upcoming promotions or special occasions. Guide your customers with a countdown that leads them right to where the action is.

Adaptable and Stylish: This widget isn't just functional; it's also fully customizable. Style the timer to seamlessly integrate with your product page aesthetics or the overall design theme of your store.

Multilingual and Customizable Labels: Cater to a global audience with ease. The Countdown widget allows for complete customization of labels and titles, making it adaptable to any language and context.

Use Cases Beyond Product Sales: Expand the use of the countdown beyond product pages. Whether it's building anticipation for a store-wide event or counting down to a special promotion, the widget is versatile enough to fit various scenarios within your store.

  • Product-Specific Countdowns:

    • Easily set countdowns for sale start or end dates on product pages, perfect for items on sale.
  • Versatile Date Selector:

    • Use the date selector to schedule countdowns for any event, anywhere in your shop.
  • Session-Based Countdown:

    • Initiate a countdown based on user session, creating a sense of urgency with minute-by-minute countdowns.
  • Customizable Title Placement:

    • Option to place a custom title above or below the countdown timer for greater context or emphasis.
  • Personalized Time Labels:

    • Set your own labels for days, hours, minutes, and seconds, tailoring the countdown to your store’s language and style.
  • Post-Expiration Actions:

    • Redirect: Guide customers to a different page after the countdown ends.
    • Hide: Automatically hide the countdown post-expiration.
    • Show Message: Display a custom message upon countdown completion.
  • Stylize Your Countdown:

    • Title Styling: Customize the title’s appearance if used.
    • Message Styling: Design the appearance of the message displayed after expiration.
    • Digits and Labels: Numerous design options for the countdown digits and labels for a unique look.
  • Countdown Box Customization:

    • Style each countdown box (days, hours, minutes, seconds) with options for borders, backgrounds, rounded corners, as well as margin and padding adjustments.