Add a countdown on your product pages to let customers know when the sale ends on a product. This ticking timer will draw attention to the product price and bring more attention to the sale and motivate purchases. In addition to add the countdown to a product you can use the countdown for other purposes in your store.

For WooCommerce

When you have sale in your store sales triggers can be great, and adding a countdown is a good trigger. This countdown can be used to countdown when sales ends on the product pages. The countdown can also easy be set up to countdown to a specific date / time event you have where you can direct the customer to another page or the like.

Use a timer to motivate customers to purchase your products, style it to fit your product pages or stores designs.

The countdown is easy to use for any language when you can set your own labels and titles.

  • Countdown
    • Use sale from or to date for products (on sale) – product page
    • Use date selector to set date for countdown – where you want in shop
    • Start on user session (countdown in minutes)
  • Option to set a title above or below the countdown
  • Set your own labels for: days, hours, minutes, seconds
  • Actions after expire
    • Redirect
    • Hide
    • Show message
  • Style
    • Title (if in use) 
    • Message (if in use, will be used if timer ends and you set: show message)
    • Digits and label
      • Many options to design the countdown digits and labels
    • Countdown boxes
      • The box for days, hours, minutes and seconds can be styled with borders, backgrounds, rounded corners, margins and paddings.

Countdown - examples