Product price

Like to have more control on how the product price looks? Style the price with labels and discounts. You can select price (includes sale price), regular price and price ex.VAT if you like. The price will even work in most role-based (b2b) systems. 

For WooCommerce

This widget let you control the layout and design of your product price, including labels, colours and the type of discount you like to show if a product is on sale.

  • Price options
    • Price (will automatically become Sale price if product is on sale)
    • Regular price
    • Price ex.VAT
  • Show discount
    • In percent
    • As discount value (in your currency)
  • Option to set labels
    • Before and after price
    • Before and after discount
  • Option to show price and discount stacked
  • Option to hide price and only show discount
  • Style
    • Every label and price
    • Every label and discount
    • Fonts, spacing, colour and alignment

Product price - examples