Product grid

Discover the ultimate in customization with our Product Grid widget, designed for effortless integration and exceptional aesthetics. This widget stands out with its automatic image adjustment and zoom features, ensuring your product images always look their best.


New Hover Feature: Elevate your customers' browsing experience with the new 'next image on hover' option. This interactive element adds a dynamic touch, allowing customers to view alternate product images with a simple mouse hover.

For WooCommerce - Enhanced Functionality: Our fully customizable product grid is a perfect addition to your WooCommerce store. It simplifies image management with automatic adjustments and an optional zoom on hover. Beyond visuals, the widget is packed with essential features like sorting, paging, sales flashes, product ratings, and discount displays (percent or value) for sale items.

Versatile and User-Friendly: Thanks to advanced query options, the grid's versatility extends to various areas of your shop. Whether highlighting new arrivals, bestsellers, or promotional items, our Product Grid widget adapts to your specific display needs.

  • Fully customisable product grid
  • Layout
    • Set columns
    • Set products per page
  • Sort and paging options
    • Set your own labels to sort dropdown
  • Content builder with dynamic options based on your selection
    • Image options including automatically adjustment of images
      • Options to set zoom on hover (adjust from 0 - 10)
      • Option to show next product image on mouse hover
    • Sale flash includes discount in percent or value
    • Star rating
    • Price with option to add label for what you save
    • Stock (include or exclude stock quantity)
    • Description
    • Category (includes link to category)
    • Tags (and links)
    • Add to cart
  • Advanced query options:
    • Current query
    • Select categories to include or exclude
    • Select tags to include or exclude
    • Select single products
    • Select sales items
    • Related products (product page)
    • Upsells (product page)
    • Cross-sells (cart page)
  • Styling options
    • Style options for paging
    • Style options for Sorting
      • Option to set your own labels
    • Product box
    • Sale flash
    • Add to cart
    • Star rating
    • Discount