Cart button

Want to customise the add to cart button? Like to use the handy quantity buttons (plus and minus) too? In addition to these features it comes with customisable dropdown select boxes for variable products. 

For WooCommerce

This widget will let you design your own add to cart button and include quantity buttons (plus and minus). If you like you can have a stacked layout too. Round corners, set backgrounds – even in form fields like dropdown for variables and the quantity input. The add to cart button even let you set the icon of your preference. 

  • Add to cart button
    • Set label (text) for the button
    • Set icon
    • Stock logic 
    • Style as you like
  • Quantity buttons
    • Plus and minus
    • Style as you like
  • Variations
    • Generates select variation dropdowns if product has variations 
    • Return Price and variation name below select variation
    • Style as you like
  • Layout
    • Set widths
    • Stacked layout option
    • Quantity selector option 

Cart button - examples

Add to cart - simple product
Add to cart - variable product