Cart Button

Revolutionize how customers interact with your products with the Cart Button widget. This tool goes beyond the standard ‘Add to Cart’ button, offering you the flexibility to fully customize its appearance and functionality. Whether it’s integrating handy quantity buttons or crafting a unique look for variable product selections, this widget has you covered.


Designed with WooCommerce in mind, this widget enables you to personalize the shopping experience on your site. Add plus and minus quantity buttons for user convenience, opt for a stacked layout for a cleaner look, and round off corners for a sleeker design. Tailor everything from the button’s background to the form fields, including dropdowns for variable products and quantity inputs.

Icon Customization for a Unique Touch: Stand out with the ability to set the icon of your preference on the 'Add to Cart' button. This feature allows for a visual representation that aligns with your brand or the specific nature of your products, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your product pages.

  1. Customizable 'Add to Cart' Button:

    • Personalize the button label with your preferred text.
    • Choose an icon to accompany the label for a distinctive look.
    • Implement stock logic to reflect real-time inventory status.
  2. Design Flexibility:

    • Fully style the 'Add to Cart' button to match your store’s theme and branding.
  3. Quantity Buttons for User Convenience:

    • Integrate plus and minus buttons for quantity adjustments.
    • Customize the style of these buttons for a cohesive user interface.
  4. Handling Product Variations:

    • Automatically generates dropdowns for selecting product variations.
    • Display price and variation name conveniently below the variation selector.
    • Full styling control over the variation selection interface.
  5. Layout Customization Options:

    • Adjust widths to suit your product page layout.
    • Choose a stacked layout for a more organized appearance.
    • Include a quantity selector for enhanced user experience.