Category Carousel

Design your category carousel or slider as you like with this widget. Easy add categories, use custom title, description and image if you like. Use Ken Burns effect and use the styling options to make it your own! 

For WooCommerce

This widget is created with you as the designer in focus, we wanted to give you all the options you need to make a category carousel stand out. You can make this an easy task, just use the category name, description and image already set on the category, use a few minutes to style the categories content and you are good to go. 

Like to control the text and image for every category? Perhaps like to link the category to a custom category page (or something else)? Set background effect like Ken Burns and the timer for each slide. All of this and much more is possible using the category carousel widget.

  • Add list of categories
  • Use the category title or set a custom title
  • Use the category description or set a custom description
  • Link (default) to the category or to i.e a custom category page
  • Product count and label (custom) – even count products in subcategories 
    • Option to hide
  • Use category image or select a custom image
    • Option to set image size (large, medium or thumbnail)
    • Option to scale image on mouse over (hover)
  • Design the grid as you like like:
    • Layout
      • Categories per slide
      • Carousel timer
      • Ken Burns effect
      • Image size and background position
    • Height
    • Margins
    • Border radius and shadows
    • Text box 
      • Height, fonts, margins, border radius, placement (above the category image), colours and more
    • Title
      • Fonts, colours, alignment, padding and shadow
    • Description
      • Fonts, colours, alignment, padding and shadow
    • Product count
      • Fonts, colours, alignment, padding and shadow

Category Carousel - video example

Category Carousel, full screen