Category Carousel

Elevate your online store with our Category Carousel widget, crafted to provide a dynamic and visually appealing way to showcase your categories. Easily add categories, complete with custom titles, descriptions, and images. Incorporate the captivating Ken Burns effect for an added touch of sophistication, and utilize the comprehensive styling options to make the carousel uniquely yours.


Designed with a focus on your creative freedom, this widget offers all the tools needed to make your category carousel stand out. Effortlessly utilize existing category details like names, descriptions, and images, and style them in just a few minutes. The result is an eye-catching, easy-to-navigate carousel that enhances the shopper's journey.

Versatile Customization Options: Gain full control over your carousel's look and functionality. Personalize text and images for each category, link categories to custom pages or other destinations, and set distinct background effects like the Ken Burns animation. Customize the timer for each slide to match the pacing of your store’s experience.

Why Choose the Category Carousel Widget: With its blend of ease-of-use and deep customization options, the Category Carousel widget is an ideal choice for any WooCommerce store looking to add a touch of elegance and interactivity to their category displays. It's not just a widget; it's a tool to transform the way customers explore and engage with your product categories.

  1. Category Listing Customization:

    • Add a list of categories with ease.
    • Choose between using the default category title or setting a custom one.
    • Option to use the existing category description or a customized version.
  2. Linking and Navigation:

    • Default linking to the category page or option to link to a custom category page.
    • Display product counts, including those in subcategories, with custom labels.
    • Hide certain categories if needed.
  3. Image Customization:

    • Use the standard category image or select a custom one.
    • Set image sizes to large, medium, or thumbnail.
    • Scale images on mouse hover for an interactive experience.
  4. Carousel Design Options:

    • Adjust the layout with control over the number of categories per slide.
    • Set the carousel timer for slide transitions.
    • Apply the Ken Burns effect for dynamic image movement.
    • Customize image size and background positioning.
  5. Advanced Styling Choices:

    • Define the carousel's height, margins, border radius, and shadow effects.
    • Style the text box, including height, fonts, margins, border radius, placement, and colors.
    • Tailor the appearance of titles, descriptions, and product counts with options for fonts, colors, alignment, padding, and shadow.