Star rating

Like to add star rating to your products and perhaps use star rating for other purposes in your store? This widget let you do that, and comes with both horizontal or stacked layout options. The standard scale: 5 star rating will provide the justification that customers look for before a purchase is made. 

For WooCommerce

Star rating is a valuable metric that tells others what most of the people think about a certain product, an app or a movie in general.

This widget uses the 5 star rating range that integrates perfectly with your WooCommerce products rating. If used on product pages you can set the option to hide if no rating is set, and has a link direct to the current ratings for the product.

Use the widget for other purposes on your store e.g. customer rating by Google or other ratings your store have. When you create this type of rating you can e.g. use the stacked layout, set fonts, colours and a link to some page (internal or external). 

  • 5 star rating range
    • Use as product rating on product pages
    • Use as rating for shop or other 
  • Design, colours, sizes and more
  • Use horizontal or stacked layout
  • Option to hide widget if no rating is made on a product
  • Link to URL (if not used as product rating)
  • Set your own labels before and after rating

Star rating - examples

( Left: Stacked layout, Right: horizontal layout and used as product review )

( Star rating used on a product page )