Star Rating

Introduce a Star Rating system to your products with our versatile widget. This feature not only adds a visual element of trust but also serves as a key decision-making factor for customers. With options for both horizontal and stacked layouts, our widget seamlessly integrates into your store’s design.


Our Star Rating widget utilizes the universally recognized 5-star scale, aligning perfectly with WooCommerce product ratings. Enhance your product pages with dynamic ratings, featuring the option to hide the widget if no rating is set. Plus, it includes a direct link to detailed product reviews, fostering customer confidence.

Beyond Products: But why stop at products? Utilize our Star Rating widget to showcase customer satisfaction levels, be it through Google reviews or other rating systems. Customize its appearance with stacked layouts, font choices, color schemes, and more. You can even link to internal or external pages, providing a comprehensive rating experience.

Customizable and User-Friendly: Tailor your star ratings to fit the style and tone of your store. Whether you're highlighting product quality or showcasing broader customer satisfaction, our widget offers the flexibility and ease of use to enhance your online presence.

  • 5-Star Rating Range:

    • Utilize the classic and universally understood 5-star rating system to gauge customer satisfaction and product quality.
  • Versatile Application:

    • Perfect for displaying product ratings on product pages or for representing overall store ratings and other services.
  • Customizable Design:

    • Tailor the look to match your store's aesthetic with customizable design options, including colors, sizes, and more.
  • Layout Flexibility:

    • Choose between a sleek horizontal layout or a more detailed stacked format, depending on your design preference and space availability.
  • Smart Visibility Feature:

    • Enhance user experience with the option to hide the widget if no ratings have been made on a product, keeping your pages clean and relevant.
  • Direct Linking Capability:

    • For non-product ratings, add a link to a URL of your choice, directing users to more information or reviews.
  • Custom Labels:

    • Personalize the rating experience with your own labels before and after the rating, offering contextual information to your customers.
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