Product Field

Streamline your product pages with our Product Field widget, designed to effortlessly display over 18 product properties, along with any custom fields you’ve added to your products. This widget stands out with its smart functionality, automatically hiding when no value exists, keeping your product pages neat and uncluttered.

For WooCommerce

This widget is a powerhouse for displaying a wide array of product fields. Whether it’s measurements, names, descriptions, SKUs, sale dates (down to the minute), stock statuses, or categories, this tool handles it all. Plus, it’s fully equipped to incorporate any custom statuses you’ve created, seamlessly integrating them into your display.

Customizable Layout and Design: Tailor the widget to fit the aesthetic of your product pages. Choose to place labels before or after product fields, and adjust the width to ensure a clean, organized layout, even when displaying numerous fields. This level of customization allows for a cohesive look and feel, enhancing the user experience on your product pages.

  1. Extensive Product Field Integration:

    • Effortlessly enables over 18 product fields on a product page.
  2. Standard Product Fields:

    • Name/Title, Description, Short Description, Product ID, SKU.
    • Sale Dates with optional time settings.
    • Stock Status with customizable labels and support for custom statuses.
    • Stock Quantity, Height, Weight, Length, Width.
    • Product Rating, Category, and Tagging capabilities with links.
  3. Dynamic Sale Date Fields:

    • Set and display specific ‘Sale From’ and ‘Sale To’ dates and times.
  4. Custom Status and Labeling:

    • Translate standard statuses or set your own for personalized communication.
    • Add custom product fields for unique product attributes.
  5. Advanced Display Options:

    • Option to set hover colors for interactive user experience.
    • Total Sales display for showcasing product popularity.
  6. Icon Integration:

    • Enhance labels with icons, either before the text or as standalone indicators.
    • Utilize label text as tooltips on icon hover, adding an informative layer.
  7. Smart Visibility Control:

    • ‘Hide if empty’ option to maintain a clean product page by hiding fields without values.
  8. Customizable Styling:

    • Full control over the styling of labels, values, and fonts to match your store’s design.