Consortia Addons is an Elementor and WooCommerce plugin. Consortia is a WooCommerce partner; as a premium WooCommerce developer, we aim to provide you an advantage and create a difference when developing your store!

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Consortia Addons is one of several plugins created by Consortia AS. Other popular plugins is Bulk Table Editor, Cost & Reports and Roles & Rules B2B. See the other plugins page or visit to purchase. Average product rating: 4.8 

About Consortia

Consortia AS was established in the summer of 2018 in Sandefjord, Norway. In Norway the city Sandefjord is known for e-commerce, the largest e-commerce companies in the country are located in the city and hence a lot of expertise in the field in this area. The company partnered with WooCommerce February 2019 and released Bulk Table Editor the same year, and since then we have continued to release several plugins to the marketplace.

In 2022 we released Consortia Addons, for this plugin our mission is to give Elementor and WooCommerce developers several handy tools to accomplish their e-commerce challenges!


The founder and CEO, Tommy Hansen is an experienced  developer and manager (25+ years of experience). He is hands on, involved in everything and often talks to customers on how to add and improve the tools you need for your e-commerce store venture. 

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