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Options for cart button

Options for add to cart button

  • Label – set the label e.g. Add to cart
  • Width – set the width of the button
  • Typography – set font, font size and more
  • Normal and Hover (mouse over)
    • Color – set the font color and font color on hover
    • Background color – set the background color for the button
    • Border color – set the border color for the button
  • Padding – set the padding for the button (inside the button)
  • Margin – set the margin for the button (outside the button)
  • Border radius – set the border radius (rounded corners) for the button
  • Icon – select the icon you want to use for the add to cart button
  • Icon size – drag the slider to adjust the icon size
  • Padding – adjust the padding for the icon (e.g set right to 5px)
  • Icon color – select the color for the cart icon
  • Icon color hover – select the hover (mouse over) color for the icon

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