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Use the content to set up your headings, product fields and more. (drag and drop the content for ordering in the table).

Every content type (dropdown box – content) have different options, some more than other. Let us select image as content type.

  • Heading (is what will show in the column header)
  • Content select dropdown (sets the field / value you will see in the table body rows)
  • Image size let you select: thumbnail, medium and large (the height and width is set in WP settings)
  • Image height – sets the height of the image in the row
  • Show heading – Yes / No (if you want the heading to show in the table header)
  • Link to product – Yes / No (let the image have link to the product)
  • Sale flash – Yes / No (enables sale flash above the image)
  • Sale flash settings (if the above is Yes)
    • Horizontal offset (left / right)
    • Vertical offset (up / down)
    • Text align (left / center / right)
    • Styling this is in the Style section (tab)
  • Column width – set in pixels or percent (percent will scale when you change it. Pixels sometimes needs you to refresh)
  • Alignment header – set left, center or right
  • Alignment content – set left, center or right

Add to cart has this additional options:

  • Stacked layout: decide if you like add to cart button under the quantity buttons or beside
  • Default quantity: if you want the table to be used as a bulk order form, we suggest 0 as the value.
  • Bulk order: setting this to YES enables the table to check every row for a quantity more than 0 and add the product row to cart when a add to cart button is clicked.
  • Input width: set the quantity input width
  • Button width: set the width for the add to cart button

NOTE: if removing button text you will only use the add to cart icon for this button.

Stock as content, has some other options like sort type and statuses.

  • Sort column – decide if you want it to be sortable
  • Sort type (if sort column is yes), enter text as type in this case
  • Stock statuses – set / translate your statuses as you like
    • Supports added statuses (i.e generated additional statuses)
  • Show quantity – if yes it shows how many products in stock

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