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Product field (content)

Product field, content

Add a product field (property) to your product page

  • Field – select from options like:
    • ID
    • Name
    • Description
    • Short description
    • SKU
    • Sale from date
    • Sale to date
    • Stock Qty
    • Stock status
    • Weight
    • Length
    • Width
    • Height
    • Rating
    • Category
    • Tags
    • Total sales
    • Custom field
  • Label – set the label for the field (product property)
  • Label before field – if Yes the line will look like this: Stock: In Stock, use No to set the label after
  • Hide if empty – if Yes hides the label and field if no value is found
  • Label Icon – select a label icon to use before (or instead of) the label
  • Use label icon – Yes to use it
  • Use Icon and label – Yes to use both
  • Use Label Text as Tooltip – Yes to use the label text as a tooltip for the icon
  • Specials (Stock / Category / Tags )
    • If you set stock status you can set your custom labels (e.g. translate to your language) – this list will dynamically change if you have additional statuses added.
    • If using category it will list every category (with link)
    • If using tags it will list every tag with link

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