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Style – Box

Style the content box (column in grid), options:

  • No products message – add your own message here
  • Content font color – set the font color (general) – will apply if not set on e.g. name or category.
  • Background color – set the background color for the box
  • Background color hover – set the background mouse hover color
  • Shadow – set a shadow effect for the box
  • Shadow hover – set a shadow effect for mouse hover the box (coloumn)
  • Column height – set the height of the box. This is an important setting (to make everything align nice) so remember this when you set height on the other content.
  • Border type – select if you want a border on the boxes (coloumns)
  • Width – set border width
  • Color – set border color
  • Border radius – set border radius if you like to round corners (will do this even if you do not have a border type)
  • Margin – set the margins for the boxes (columns)
  • Image zoom effect – set from 10 to 20 if you like a zoom effect when mouse hover the image.

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