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Style – Sale flash

Style the sale flash (when testing this have some products on sale)

  • Sale flash title – set the flash text (default text), if show discount is on this title will only show for product variations and other grouped products.
  • Show discount – set to Yes to enable discount (calculations)
  • Discount type – select percent or value (in your currency)
  • Discount label – set a label e.g. SAVE and you will get a flash label like this: SAVE 20%
  • Typography – set font, font sizes and more
  • Text align – align the flash text to left, center or right
  • Normal | Hover
    • Font color – set font color
    • Background color – set background color
  • Offset horizontal – drag the slider to adjust the flash box horizontal (left to right)
  • Offset vertical – drag the slider to adjust the flash box vertical (bottom to top)
  • Padding – set the padding (space inside) the box
  • Border radius – set border radius if you like to round the corners of the flash box

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