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The content section is the bits and pieces that one product column contains. The content will be stacked from top to bottom (drag and drop content as you like). Note: almost every content type have different options.

  • Heading – label for the content box (for easy access for you)
  • Content – options:
    • Name
    • Short description
    • Price
    • Image
    • Stock status
    • Rating
    • Add to cart
    • Category
  • Link to product – Yes creates a link to the product page
  • Sale flash – Yes enables a sale flash on the image (configure in style > Sale flash)
  • Image size – Choose between: thumbnail, medium and large
  • Height – sets the height of the current content (here image)
  • Padding – set padding for the content (height can override this)
  • Border radius – set border radius on the image
  • Price has som other options like:
    • Show discount – Yes will show discount when product is on sale
    • Discount type – Select percent or value (options to style the discount in Style)
    • Typography – set font, font size and more
    • Font color – set font color
    • Font color hover – set font color on mouse hover
    • Alignment – align the content left, center or right
  • Stock has other options like:
    • Set your own stock statuses
    • Show quantity – if Yes, shows e.g. In stock (10)
  • Note: If you have custom stock statuses added – they will be listed here to.

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